TeleHealth Websites and Privacy - Beware

This article reminded me of my experience with PushHealth, the site where I got a prescription for metformin (and rapa) a couple of years ago. Some months after I got the metformin subscription, I got a new life insurance policy - during the process the underwriter asked about the metformin and why I had a prescription. I was surprised that they were able to get that info from Push. I was able to get coverage, but beware for folks getting a bunch of diabetes medicines via prescription from online pharmacies like Push, Amazon, et al in the US!


Wow - thats ridiculous. I would have thought that HIPAA and related privacy laws protected that information. Definitely something people would want to ask the Telehealth provider before using them (do they share the prescription data with any other companies?).

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As if to accentuate the importance of the privacy issue…Amazon Pharmacy sent me a push email about 30 minutes after accessing the Stat article online…WITH METFORMIN IN THE AD! (I had not used them to fill that prescription either)

Well, that may just be a generic ad that they use, Metformin is the most prescribed drug in the USA I think, so it would make sense to use it in any ad for the mass market.

I’m suspicious. PushHealth uses AWS…

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