Tea consumption and attenuation of biological aging

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  • What are people’s ideas on optimal tea drinking in a longevity and health optimization program?

  • What types and brands to drink?

  • How early to stop to still maximize sleep? And what non caffeinated teas to drink in evening for sleep?

Transitioning from nondrinking to tea-drinking was associated with decreased BA (Biological Age] acceleration (CMEC: β = −0.319, 95% CI: −0.620 to −0.017 years; UKB: β = −0.267, 95% CI: −0.831 to 0.297 years) compared to consistent nondrinking. Even stronger associations were found in consistent tea drinkers. The exposure-response relationship suggested that consuming around 3 cups of tea or 6–8 g of tea leaves per day may offer the most evident anti-aging benefits.


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Some of the benefit may be from inhibiting intestinal iron absorption. And maybe protein absorption, though this is more minor… ~6%. So, I’d drink tea with meals. For night time, you can drink decaf, though to be safe, I’d stick with Swiss water or CO2 decaf methods to avoid residual solvents.

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All I can say is I hope there isn’t a U-shaped curve for green tea consumption. I drink a lot of green tea everyday. I must have 6 tea bags of tea every morning. I stop at noon to minimize night time bathroom visits. If green tea is anti-aging, that must be why my bioage scores are so good (that and my 106 yo grandma).


More tea good news.


Rooibos tea is naturally caffeine free.
Comes in all the usual different sorts like regular black tea, earl grey, green tea etc.
The Uk brand I buy is Tick Tock ( I don’t know if it’s available in USA).


Yes, it’s available in the U.S. (Amazon). Rooiboss tea is an herbal “tea” and is not related to black or green tea.

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Based on the article, the following are the benefits of different types of tea.

Table 1. Tea types and their bioactive components affecting cellular senescence and aging.

S. no Tea type Tea component Anti-aging attributes
1 Green tea EGCG Anti-cellular senescence [136]
Antioxidant [115,135]
Anti-SASP [45]
Senolytic [45]
Pro-longevity [115]
Anti-immunosenescence [152]
Gut dysbiosis [142]
2 Green tea ECG Antioxidant and pro-longevity [186]
3 Black tea Theaflavins Anti-cellular senescence [140]
Pro-longevity [119]
4 Black tea Theaflavins and thearubigins Induce the expression of FOXO1a longevity regulator [187]
5 Oolong tea Oolonghomobisflavans Cytoprotective and pro-longevity [117]
Neuroprotective [118]
6 Pu-erh tea Tea extract Anti-immunosenescence [154]

Below is some added potential benefit:


In particular, some evidence suggest that tea extracts and catechin 3-gallates, especially (-)-epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), were less effective inhibitors of α-amylase, but demonstrated potent inhibition of α-glucosidaseCitation12–14.

Rooibos seems to have a lower effect on inflammation.

The formation of prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) is associated with adverse inflammatory effects.

In conclusion, green and black tea, and to a lesser extent Rooibos tea, are potent inhibitors of PGE2 formation in human monocytes, and mediate their effects by inhibiting the expression of the enzymes responsible for PGE2 formation, especially mPGES-1.


Some of these are HDACi s


20 years ago I was a startup advisor in the city of Boulder where many “natural foods” companies were based. I showed up to meetings with my regular can of Diet Coke…to the horror of my clients.

“How can you put those chemicals in your body?”

For a New Year’s resolution I quit soda and started Green Tea. I immediately felt I was was getting younger by the cup (I wasn’t). I haven’t had a soda since. I still get a “I’m a good person” pleasure when I drink green tea.


I did a bit of quick research on caffeinated tea(black, green) and caffeinated coffee. Each has different chemicals, which can be good for you.

Black and green tea give good results at around 3 to 4 - 8oz cups per day each so I am trying to hit that number.

Coffee is good for you too, so I am drinking 2 - 8oz cups of that as well.