Taurine Extends Lifespan The Lead Author Explains

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An Interview series, contact information and published paper.

Dr Yadav leads the Systems Biology of Aging Laboratory, which aims to identify novel functional connections between organs and to unravel factors that underlie human metabolism and its disorders. The lab’s expertise is in the development of a variety of technologies including mouse genetic (CRISPR/Cas, homologous recombination in embryonic stem cells, iPS cells), genomic (Nucleic acid sequencing), and proteomic (MS/NMR/HPLC). The ultimate aim is to identify novel therapeutic targets for genetic and metabolic disorders to manage these diseases in humans.




Hey All - I get some of my more hard to find supplements from Life Extension, so I get their hardcopy magazine. They wrote two articles on Taurine.

After reading… supplement of the year !! I decided to get a little more Taurine from Amazon and put it away. Could become real popular.

Here is their well researched articles.