Tattoos and Rapamycin

Hi all. So, I have been deep into the rapamycin (and other) forums, FB groups, etc. I have implemented a number of supplements as well as diet practices. I am 58, male, general good health. So my questions is this. I have a full body tattoo and as we know a tattoo is a delicate balance of the body’s immune system. I would like to know if any others have tattoos and do they experience any symptoms of rejection or irritation when taking rapa? In the tattoo world some colors like red or orange can cause an immune reaction and a rejection of the “foreign agent” by the immune system.

Any thoughts on this concern? Thank you so much for all that we do to help others on this journey to enhanced life span.

I don’t have any tattoos myself but I checked the known side effects and contra indicayions and there nothing about tattoos there


I’ve also have some tatoos (incl red, orange etc colours). The only thing I am a little bit concerned about is the rapa skin cream. My tattoos became a bit more fuzzy, but I am not sure if it is from the skin cream or, if I just don’t noticed it before.
I’ve actually tested a significant higher dose and nothing happend. So I think I just don’t noticed it before but I’l keep an eye on it. I see no reason to stop my skin care routine at the moment.

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