Taking Rapamycin with a hip or knee replacement?

I am finally breaking down and getting my hip resurfaced. I am stopping Rapamycin three weeks prior to surgery and planning to restart after 6 months. Does anyone here take Rapamycin with a joint replacement? Any concerns or interactions?


Interesting. I actually find it statistically significant that none of ya’ll have needed a joint replacement. I have family history, dysplasia of the joint and was/are-ish a very active athlete as my hypothesis for needing one. FWIW as I am weaning off all my longevity goodys I am noticing I don’t sleep as well, less energy, more brain fog etc. not sure if it is placebo but I do ‘feel’ worse. 6-mo will blow by and I will be back in the boat with ya’ll and will have the ramp back up to report on too.


My father had one hip replaced recently and the other one will be replaced this month. However he has not started Rapamycin yet. He will start once he recovers from his hip operation.

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So I got my hip done. All good (a crappy drive back to Boston notwithstanding). When checking out of HSS in NYC the Dr said “no Rapamune” as part of my go forward recommendations. That of course makes sense for recovery and healing. I will ask at my follow up if they advise against it ‘ever’

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