Taking rapa when fighting illness?

Apologies if this has been discussed before, but do you all continue with your rapa dosing even when you feel like you’re fighting off a cold/illness?

Woke up yesterday with mild sore throat, mostly better today, but had concerns about transient immunosuppression during a period in which my immune system is probably still combating whatever I’m infected with (not COVID, I checked). I would normally take my dose today (once weekly, 4mg).


I do know that Dr. Green is very concerned about bacterial infections. He would advise to take them very seriously even if you might not absent rapamycin. This is slightly different than the question you were asking but you might want to consider taking an antibiotic sooner rather than later.

I had a similar situation recently wherein I had a sore throat, possibly strep, when it was time to take my Rapa dose. I ended up taking my regular dose anyway with no adverse reaction, but in the future I will be skipping the rapa if I’m sick or need to elicit an immune response, such as with a vaccine.

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As I mentioned I had a silly accident at home (wasn’t the first time) that resulted in a small burn blister, days after taking a dose of Rapa. Previously the same type of burn blister would heal within days, now I ended up with an infection that needed treatment. So personally I wouldn’t risk it.


I would only take Rapamycin if I am in good health and did not have any wounds.


What if you accidentally wound yourself straight after taking the Rapa?
Personally I don’t stop taking it; just be extra careful with wound care.
As for a sore throat etc, just delay taking it for a day or two.
Certainly try to avoid ruining your microbiome by taking antibiotics - they should be reserved for last resorts!

Took me a week to get over Bronchitis. Kicked by butt, first time in 20 years. Stopped Rapa for a week, after taking since March 2017. 76 yo. male. Also, took Azithromycin for 5 days. (500 mg then 250 day for 4 more days) It works two ways by zapping the senolytics (Fibroblast) that are present in lungs, and as a prophylactic to prevent a secondary bacteria infection like pneumonia which is very common in the elderly. 2 weeks after, feel great. Took ibuprofen also. All of this may not be necessary for healthy people under 50-60 yo. with very strong immune system

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I’ve been taking it for 4 years. When I feel under the weather or like I may be coming down with something, I skip the next dose or two until it’s gone.


Everyone here is taking pulsed rapamycin and sometimes including rapa holidays. I figure an illness is a great time to have an unscheduled rapa holiday.