Suvorexant and Alzheimer’s

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When will suvorexant be available in a generic form? Can we expect other “rexants” like Quviviq (daridorexant) to have the same or similar properties? Are there generic rexants?

From drugpatentwatch website

When will Belsomra go generic?

By analyzing the patents and regulatory protections it appears that the earliest date for generic entry will be November 20, 2029. This may change due to patent challenges or generic licensing.


Thanks. It’s too bad… My grandfather has mild AD and suffers from insomnia so I feel like suvorexant is a no brainer. But it’s not available in France where he lives, so I hoped generic suvorexant may exist…

It’s inexpensive from the India pharmacies.

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I read in some other posts that they don’t ship suvorexant. But it’s maybe that they don’t ship to the US?

Quviviq and Belsomra are both controlled substances in the USA (schedule 4), so I wouldn’t try importing them from overseas. I currently have a prescription for both (not to take at the same time, just to see which works better). They aren’t super powerful sleep meds, but they do help keep me from waking up in the middle of the night and stressing about random things. Most importantly, I don’t have any morning drowsiness or hangover effect. Hopefully the cognitive protecting potential bears fruit!


Apart from Quviviq and Belsomra there is also Dayvigo (same mechanism) which I recently tried… I am a lifetime insomniac, and for me it didnt improve any sleep markers at 5mg. Would love to try the other 2 drugs though.

Is this something a psychiatrist in America would prescribe?

My primary med person (nurse practitioner, fwiw) would prescribe it for me if I asked her to, but the insurance doesn’t cover it & it’s $300/month. I didn’t want it that badly.


If you have them send it to the mail order pharmacy KnippeRx, you should be able to get it for $25 if you have private health insurance. This has been the case for me for both Belsomra and Quviviq.

Does the insurance need to cover the prescription?

Thanks …

I didn’t have any prior authorization issues at all. Of course, your mileage may vary, but worth a try and nothing to lose, IMO.