Supplements that lower ApoB

Oui. C’est la meme chose, according to Memorial Sloan Kettering.

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To be clear, I believe in “do no net harm”, not necessarily “do no harm” - which is a rather crude statement.

For example, excessive amounts of lead are proven harmful and almost always not worth a potential small benefit.

You may, of course, have a different view of what constitutes harm and what you may consider a potential benefit that justifies a known harm with a very high personal risk tolerance.

But I think in the example I highlighted most people would consider this type of harm not worthwhile assuming one is fully informed, especially with readily available alternatives.

We can agree to disagree, but I think you should really reconsider reviewing the situation and benefit vs risks with an independent third-party.

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I do talk to medics about what I am doing. Not necessarily in precise detail. However, I have not discussed changing things like the levels of Lithium I take (initially 1mg, then 5mg now 5mg three times a week) because the maths is quite straight forward and I don’t think there is research materials that can improve on what I have found).

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