Supplements that help with Migraines

My wife has terrible migraines. Since there are so many supplement experts here, does anyone know of any that dramatically alleviate the symptoms of migraines? We went to an expensive doctor who prescribed some medicines but she refuses to take ‘medicine’. She will take supplements though. Thanks in advance for any help!

Oddly I have had some accidental help with Progesterone. If it helps her philosophical approach, I believe it is made from wild yams. Magnesium versions can help.

I found this also:6 Nootropics For Migraine Headaches - Nootropics Zone

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Thank you for this. I will look into 5-HTP. That seems to be what I am looking for.

I mentioned Melatonin to her before, but she is afraid it will make her drowsy in the morning when she needs to drive our children to school. She already takes magnesium.

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Sorry, I forgot that some help with CBD oils. Charlottes Web is a good company, but I am sure there others. Many of my patients swear by CBD’s. Good luck!


I suppose one could look into willow bark as an “anti-inflammatory” combined with coffee/tea that might modulate pain. I suppose one could use Claviceps purpurea fungal extracts as well.

And then there are a few clinical trials with psilocybin for migraines one could research.

But there are a ton of dangerous “natural” substances out there, nasty side effects at certain doses and possible adulterants. I wouldn’t attempt this at all and this general information should not be relied upon for any sort of advice or treatment.

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If your wife doesn’t want to try drugs, which are the first line off defense, she might want to try a device called Cefaly. It uses a tiny electric current to treat migraines. There have been clinical trials that show it really works – but only in about 50% of the people who have regular migraines. For that reason, the company rents the device so people can tell if they will benefit.


The device, Cefaly, works well in many patients. Also consider these supplements that can reduce the frequency of migraines up to 50%:


I have significant success with the drug topamax. May be worth a try.

Massage therapy and acupuncture help some people significantly.

Botox is yet another option.


Butterbur not butternut.

What is the current proposed mechanisms with massage and acupuncture? Last I read anything on it which was years ago, it doesn’t seem to matter where you put needles suggesting placebo

With these type of modalities it’s very hard to separate real from placebo, this is especially true now that we know that placebo Is Real. This is true even when the subjects know that they’re getting a placebo.

I’d say that pain control has been the most studied part of acupuncture and has yielded the most :placard: results. Here’s a nice summary

I guess my concern is the cost of acupuncture for a patient. Seems like a whole lot of unnecessary cost to hire a “licensed acupuncturist” when simply buying cheap, clean sterile needles have presumably the same placebo effect.