Supplement Quality

I have noticed a big difference in supplements from different manufacturers. For instance, I had been taking resveratrol from ProHealth. It had always been a yellow mustard like powder. I just switched to DoNotAge’s version and it was a chalky white finer powder. There was such a big difference that I wonder if they were the same supplement!

This got me to wondering which brands are best?

I currently use supplements from DoNotAge, NOW foods, and Double wood. Are these brands pretty good? Are there any other better brands? I personally like DoNotAge as their NMN and Resveratrol seem to be higher quality. I also buy Fisetin, Apigenin, TMG, and Spermidine from them. The rest I get from NOW. I only get hyaluronic acid from Double wood. Of course for Rapamycin I use Pfizer and Zydus. Merck for Metformin.

Easy answer… stop taking supplements. Especially the expensive placebos you listed there.

I’m even thinking of dropping Vitamin D which would leave me with just creatine & Rapamune.



Why do you advise that?

I was able to increase my testosterone from 513 to 754 in a month by taking supplements.

I use double wood and life extension brands

My advice is do not buy on Amazon

For a number of reasons. Primarily it’s just bad science to test multiple variables at once.

It certainly makes no sense to add expensive supplements that failed the ITP or didn’t even qualify for testing (eg spermidine).

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I think we agree to disagree on supplements. I have found NMN and Resveratrol to be more than a placebo, but I admit that not everyone may get a benefit from it.

I also take NAC and Glycine, Astaxanthin, Vitamin D3 and K2, glucosamine, Omega 3, grape seed extract, Fisetin, quercetin, Apigenin, magnesium, Spermidine, Rapamycin, Metformin, Vitamin C, collagen, hyaluronic acid, TMG and B12.

That’s quite a bit. I am not sure if all of them are worth it, but they all have reasons to take them based in science and research.

Goodness it always amazes me how entrenched people become with their views. Take Resveratrol for example, I show you the meta analysis of human studies, ITP results and expert opinions yet you keep on forking out the $$$ every month.

So weird.


If you compare prices of DoNotAge supplements with the rest of the world you will be surprised, It is a complete ripoff. The GMP stamps they show on their packaging is from China, not the US. Their packaging looks like paint buckets you buy in the hardware shop. Did you open up a capsule of their quercetin and compared to others? I have bought from them when I started to get a interest in the longevity field, because they are all over social media, and I thought they must be good, since then I have read up and compared with other brands I quickly understood that I have been taken for a ride. Get your supplements from established companies with a track record with certifications on all their products. DoNotAge I think only have certifications on 2 of their supplements, NMN and Resveratrol. DoNotAge jumped on the anti-aging wave in 2019 and their founder has no experience or background in the field.But they do know how to play the social media game.

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I’m VERY curious what supplements raised your testosterone from 513 to 754 in a month?

Also, did you test free testosterone too?

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I did test free as well.
My free is low = 6 from both my May test and my June test.

May 20

Here is from June 29

I started taking 3 supplements after my May results, one suggested by my pcp:

1/ tongkat ali (double wood brand)
2/ turkesterone (also double wood)
3/ DIM (Now brand)

I’m told I should lift weights to increase my free T. I haven’t started any weight training but I do Power Yoga 3-4x week


Let’s identify the nature and origin of this mind virus you keep parroting:

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius—and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction”

EF Schumacher “Small is Beautiful”, an essay, in The Radical Humanist Vol. 37, No. 5 (August 1973), p. 22

Some context for that quote is he believes in “Buddhist Economics” for an anti-globalization, anti-consumerism, pro-communism, pro-environmentalism, and pro-austerity bid in that it is better for people to be much poorer in economic terms by having small communes in local economies producing goods and services for themselves without inequality - if they are richer spiritually.

This guy sounds like a friend of mine who is into New Age environmental hipster type of beliefs. I’m not saying global warming isn’t real, but anti-nuclear attitudes aren’t exactly the right way to go about it either. The ultra-minimalist way of going to hippie communes and attempting to convince everyone else to do so doesn’t solve global warming. The solution to global warming is complex from what we currently know and requires a “combination therapy” approach. The question is more about how to carefully do it.

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No surprise with tong kat ali

we only have 1 life to experiment on, although you are probably right about those supplements

I do believe that we will need multiple supplements to achieve maximum lifespan. Rapamycin is probably a key one that flips the MTOR/AMPK switch. However, I also believe we need to regulate glutathione, glutamine, and homocysteine levels as well as modulating NRF2 which means taking NAC and Glycine.

I am sure there are other systems key to lifespan and healthspan that need to be regulated as well in order to achieve optimal results. This is where Omega 3s, Vitamin D3, etc… come into play. We also can’t forget, exercise, sleep and stress reduction.

I think once we figure out all the systems that need to be regulated we can slow old age and increase lifespan. There will probably great strides towards this over the next 10 years. I feel like we are putting together a lifespan jigsaw puzzle and have just completed the border.

I am not sure about raising testosterone is a good thing when you enters the last half of your life, My testosterone shot up to 996 for some reason a few years ago, I have struggled with an enlarged prostate for the last 2 years, and it is probably here to stay. Probably caused because of high conversion off testosterone to DHT. Now my testosterone is 644. And I hope it does not go higher.


Thanks for the reminder! I do monitor psa and see a pcp annually. Anything else I should be monitoring?