SuperAgers’ with razor-sharp memories literally move faster than other 80-year-olds


This research, one of the largest studies of its kind, was conducted at the Queen Sofia Foundation Alzheimer Centre in Spain. The team discovered that superagers were also more likely to have a musical background compared to other older adults.

Lifespan and longevity among representatives of creative professions | SpringerLink.

The top five positions among oldest old persons for males involve Nobel laureates (16.67%), conductors (12.12%), members of the RAS (7.51%), violinists (7.44%), and scientists (7.0%). The centenary line was crossed by 8.33% of the female academics and architects, 6.25% of the harpists, and 4.22% of the poets who wrote prose. Among men, the proportion of centenarians was smaller: pianists, 0.76%; scientists, 0.45%; and violinists, 0.42%. These data confirm the view that high intelligence and education directly correlate with long life span and longevity.

Time to learn the piano; and if one cannot be a scientist, learn to play the violin.

I wonder if it is additive. Does a scientist who plays the piano live longer? Einstein played the violin (died at 76); Max Planck, the piano (died at 89).

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