Suggestions for how long to stop Rapa before procedure

I recently broke a tooth and have had a temporary crown put in. I stopped taking my dosage(annoying as I was just started to build it up) as I was worried about bacteria and slow healing. I’m going back in a couple of weeks to have the new crown put in. I restarted my Rapa dose-this time at 2mg. I’m erring on the side of caution and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for how long I should give myself for it to clear my system before I have my crown put in and how long I might need after to start up after.

I see no point in stopping rapamycin

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Agree with Arhu, no need to stop. Not much healing involved in a crown placement. If you do want it out of your system, that’s a tougher question. Rapa has a long (2-3 days) half life, and then you have to consider the impact of mtor beyond that.


I was trying to avoid canker sores, which I ended up getting after the procedure anyway. I am Celiac and before I knew I would get them frequently. Good to know. I’ll just resume.

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