Subjective Assessment of Early Administration of Rapamycin

Having taken rapamycin once per week or every other week for two months, I’m interested if more experienced users recall observing any subjective changes in their sense of well being. These kinds of judgments always risk the placebo and other effects but I have a consistent impression of some changes. I’m in my 70’s, normal weight, and exercise most days (hiking or weight training). I mention this only because I think my lifelong intense exercise had kept me in touch with my body sensations, at least I feel it has.

My subjective impression is that I feel younger. I have noticed the feeling in simple things like having more spring in my step, having noticeably better balance in some situations, and being more eager to get out of bed in the morning. Perhaps these observations all fall under having a little more energy. I have not seen a change in weight or appetite and have not yet scheduled another round of lab tests to see if there are any changes on that front.

Do these small changes seem likely or more a matter of coincidence. We are in early spring here in Arizona and that could be a factor.


Hahaha… nice!

On rapamycin now for 3.5 years. I was seeing a change at 3 months… so you are in the right spot. I think the older you are the more noticeable the changes can be.

A bit of euphoria… can take on anything. Clear mind… better memory… less pain. Could feel changes mostly in circulation… heart beat throughout my body… more energy.

Keep at it.


Same here. I feel generally healthier. Better balance. Better mood. More energy. Thinking clearer. But then again, I take a lot of supplements/medications which could do this.