Study: Most NMN and Urolithin-A Supplements are Crap

Please let us know if NR works as well as NMN. I’d be interested in the results!

What do you think about iherb website?

iHerb is great. I have ordered from them many times with no problems. I have found that Amazon can be a bit cheaper, but fake goods can also be sold there. iHerb is a reseller so all the supplements are original from the manufacturer. You don’t need to worry about fake products with iHerb.

iHerb will also have sitewide promotions between 20-30% off. It will usually be cheaper than Amazon at those times. Also, iHerb is much cheaper than Amazon if you want to buy Pendulum products.


I’ve been taking NMN powder from an Australian company called AgeMate. Anyone else using their NMN?

@DeStrider fullscript is 25% off all the time plus additional discounts during sales or if you sign up for autoship.

I just checked pendulum Akkermansia on iHerb and Fullscript: same regular price on both. iherb has a 20% off 1st order discount now. Fullscript has 25% discount all the time.

Plus Fullscript ships with cold packs to keep product from overheating.

USA only unfortunately.

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Are you talking about ? This looks like it’s a service for alternative healthcare providers. Do they sell directly to consumers?

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If you have a friend. Send me an email address to send an invitation.

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The latest DoNotAge lab results for their NMN - 99% pure

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100.27% purity? These reports are really meaningless in my opinion. It’s easily manipulated.


Is even such a thing as over 100% purity? how can that be, or I’m missing something. To me that seems like a red flag as opposed to assurance.

Possibly 100% pure BS?


What about just NAD+ peptides? Eg

Also how many of the bullshit NMN come from sites that have claimed to independently test the purity of their NMN?

This is just experimental error. The assay never reports back perfectly, and they’re not doing multiple technical replicates to get a standard deviation.


As Rapamycin Curious stated, the 102% is just experimental error and, in this case, its from the data analysis. The method they used to check purity was HPLC so they’re looking at peaks of a chromatogram and the HPLC software is integrating and calculating the peak area. In this case, its peak picking was just a little off and is totally normal. I"ve seen it all the time.
What you don’t want to see is extra peaks in your chromatogram…those are other compounds present in the sample.


Wasn’t aware, I thought the software would have been programmed to show 100% as the max. It does however look unreasonable to the average person with no advanced knowledge of how these things work.

Every test has a margin of error. I would think that this test is likely +/- some small percent, thus it would be normal to see an over 100% in any high purity compound.

But perhaps someone has another explanation?

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It makes sense when you put that way but wasn’t aware that you could get a result over 100%