Stopping NMN after listening to this

Latest on NMN in mouse studies is that it may harm kidneys.
More on Optispan podcast

I am stopping


Not to mention there’s no evidence it helps in any way.


Never started, Sinclair has the ANTI-MIDAS touch… First Resveratrol, then NMN


He has certianly done ok out of it. I thought he was the main man 4-5 years ago when I naively read his book with interest. It’s a shame to see he’s becoming somewhat of a notorius figure in longevity circles.

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Yeah, stopped myself some months ago, but not specifically because of this study or because of concerns with my kidneys.

Sadly, my eGFR was lower than it usually is when last tested, but I put that down to creatine and collagen supplementation rather than NMN which I had stpped ~1 month prior.

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I use NAM therapeutically but NMN has an untested safety profile and is not a viramin found in food. Matt gives dogs rapamycin but is concerned about B3 kidney damage?

I don’t take creatine because of impaired kidney function.