Starting Rapamycin question (Wound Healing)

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First post on the forum, but I’ve been lurking for a few months now. This community has been a great resource!

I’m a 49 year old male and I want to start Rapamycin - 1 mg per week and ramp up, however I have a minor dermatological procedure to remove small cyst in my chest on Dec 1st. It would take approximately 2 weeks to heal normally.

Should I wait until after Dec 1st, or can I start now and take a week off before and after the procedure?

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I think you should wait till you fully heal the wound. Rapamycin may slow down healing. Also, the scar may be more visible - it’s from personal experience.


Hi, and welcome to the forums. As you probably know, there are no hard and fast rules yet on rapamycin dosing. We’re all experimenting and doing what works for us, with the expert opinions and the few clinical studies as rough guidelines.

If you’re just starting and you’ve got 2 months (approx) until your minor dermatological procedure, then I would suspect that starting at a low dose now just to see how you respond (with the dosing plan you’ve mentioned) is probably fine, and this is what I would do. I would hen stop two weeks before the procedure just to be cautious.

I’m not a doctor - just providing my opinion based on my experience. Ultimately you need to see how your body is responding and adjust accordingly. Most people will not see any effects - positive or negative, at the dosing you are suggesting, over this time period. Other people here will no doubt have differing opinions - and that is entirely reasonable; we are all very early adopters here trying this out.

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From my personal experience, wound healing is incredibly slow/stopped during Rapamycin use. The good news is that the healing starts back up after 9 days after my last dose. After 2 months of straight Rapa use (1 mg +GFJ weekly the first month, 2 mg +GFJ weekly the second month) I have taken a week-long break to give my immunity system a chance to clear up the rash, acne, and canker sore that I built up over the past month on 2 mg. Take this for what it’s worth. n=1


I agree with the slow healing. I have Teo small blisters on my hand that normally would heal in a week, going on two weeks and still not fully closed up.

I started at 6 mg in august. Then 7,8,9,10. Then 4 w grapefruit. Now 8 with grapefruit. No other side effects except the healing.

On Saturday afternoon when I dose, I feel the body buzz. By following Saturday am, I feel older. :sob::joy:.

Energy, physical activity and mental engagement/flexibility definitely higher.

Great stuff and this forum is fantastic.

Sorry for off topic ramble.


Thanks everyone for all the helpful advice.

I might try 2 weeks of 1 mg doses just to see how i react, and then restart again a few weeks after the procedure.

I also purchased rapa for my 12 year old german shepard, but unfortunately she tore her CCL (like the ACL in people). She is in a brace for the next 8 months, so I am going to hold off her as well.

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