Starting Calcium Alpha-Ketoglutarate

Will be starting CaAKG{Calcium Alpha-Ketoglutarate]

I am shamelessly copying a commercial product, in my view the commercial product is expensive for what is being sold.

My version/mix/set;

CaAKG - 1,000mg{2x 500mg capsule]

Calcium Oratate - 170mg of Calcium from 1,486mg of calcium orotate - 2X capsule

Dry Vitamin A - 7,500mcg {60% as Beta Carotene and 40% Retiny Palmitate] 1x capsule

1 set per day

Hi @Joseph , yes CaAKG is interesting, and I agree, given the price premium for the Rejuvant , I can see why people would be “making their own”.

I’ve seen conflicting research on CaAKG in terms of mTOR inhibition and activation (see two papers below) but I have not researched it in depth. Have you researched this issue - or anyone else here?

More details for those interested in CaAKG:

And a report by the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation on CaAKG:

Alpha-ketoglutarate-Cognitive-Vitality-For-Researchers-2.pdf (283.3 KB)