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Hello! I’m 47 years old, very healthy, active, and all normal bio markers. I did find out that I have one marker for APO4 and macular degeneration. My Aunt, who is also a carrier and started taking Rapa a year ago, suggested I look into it and start myself. I just received my package on Friday and took 1 mg Sunday morning on an empty stomach. I’ll take 2mg this Sunday and then 3mg the following Sunday. I plan on stopping at 3mg and will access. I wanted to let you know about Gandhi Medicos… I worked directly with Chetan, who was very professional and timely with messages. I wired the money on February 27th, my package was ready to go on march 1, and was in my hands on March 17th. I was very pleased with everything.
Question: I’m active almost all days of the week. Should I not exercise on the day I take Sirolimus (Rapacan 1 by Biocon) ?


Hi and welcome to the site, and the rapamycin journey :smile:

I recommend you read as much as you can in our FAQ here to get fully informed, if you have not already:

On the exercise issue - I just keep my regular exercise program because for me the schedule is important. Most people take rapamycin in the morning so as to minimize any possible sleep disturbance. There is a rapid peak in blood/sirolimus levels about 2 hours after taking the medication which is the peak mTORC1 inhibition period. It drops pretty quickly after that also - so if you take it in the morning and exercise in the afternoon or evening, you’ll probably still get significant benefit from the exercise. There has been one study on rapamycin and exercise and they dosed and then tested and exercised right at the peak (2 hours or so after dosing) and found some exercise benefit inhibition - but thats a worse case. From a practical standpoint, unless you are competing in the olympics and want to get every possible benefit from every minute of exercise, the impact of rapamycin on reducing the benefit of exercise is a non-issue.

I recommend you read these threads for more information on this issue: Rapamycin, mTORC1 and Exercise - Observations and Research

Here: Rapamycin and Exercise: any Muscle inhibition?


For what it’s worth, I’m up to 10mg per week now, and haven’t noticed any side effects at all. I don’t exercise on Sundays and that’s the day I take my Rapamycin dose, but I don’t think exercise on dose days would be a problem.

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