Started rapamycin today

5mg yesterday. Down with a pretty bad cold/cough I have had for several days. REM down last night again.

Nineteenth dose 8mg{2mg X 4, Dr. Reddy’s Brand] - 06/26/2022

Had 16 oz of GFJ, then one waited approximately one hour then took 8mg{2mg X4 rapamycin] with wild sardines in OO. Had no adverse effect with last week’s dose.

Am planning to increase the dose to 10mg per week.

8mg will be in the 2mg tablets{2mg x 4] and 2mg will be by nasal spray {1mg per ml raperymicin in a 1% DMSO/.9% saline solution] 1ml sprayed in each nostril.

In Pursuit of Ignorance.

I am look for the black cat in the dark room.


Joseph, it would be great if you did your blood work to see how things are going at a detailed level. How often are you getting blood work done? Please post results when you do…