Staging a fasting/exercise/fisetin/rapa campaign

I am prepping for a 3+ day water only fast, during which I will exercise intensely, take 1600mg fisetin for two days, and take 8 mg rapamycin once.

I understand the whys of the exercise protocol: on day-one, long zone 2 cardio to hasten ketosis, on day two and onward, medium intensity resistance training to preserve muscle mass.

But what about timing the rapamycin and the fisetin? When I think about killing zombie cells vs rescuing old cells through autophagy, and all the interplay between those processes, and the overlap of these drugs’ effects --well, like Kelly Bundy says, the mind wobbles.

I kinda think the rapa should come near the end, but still at least half a day before eating.

What say youse?