SS31/Bendavia - has anyone tried it? Injecting/Nasal administration? What are your best sources?

I just tried it and I’ll see what happens!!

Interesting - I just found this paper on it - looks very interesting. Are you looking for any specific benefits that, if you got them, would compel you to keep getting the injections? Are you doing any pre and post testing of any sort to try to gauge the effect?

SS-31-Cognitive-Vitality-For-Researchers.pdf (844.2 KB)

Energy, though…

SS-31 has been demonstrated to have no effect on mitochondrial function in young healthy mitochondria, while increasing mitochondrial ATP production and reducing H2O2 production and redox stress in aged mouse muscle (30, 32). Importantly, bSS-31 also increased mitochondrial respiration and reduced H2O2 production in mitochondrial isolated from aged mice (see Figs. 3 and 4), while not affecting either parameter in mitochondria from young animals

I don’t know, I have the WEIRDEST BIOCHEMISTRY EVER.

I’ve been following this for years, since my sons have a mito condition. They’ve been looking at it for number of years in various mitochondrial diseases and Leigh-like syndromes. I’ve heard anecdotal evidence from some families that it helped there kids, but it’s been spotty. There may be something there, but the data has not borne fruit. It’s a similar story for other compounds tried/tested for mitochondrial disease - it.ends up being thrown scattershot “a drug looking for a market” into a bunch of other metabolic indications to see if anything sticks.

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Curious as to how you got a hold of it?

Also - I’m curious about what the $ cost was for the SS31 injection you had?

@Sfcomms I believe these types of peptides are becoming more commonly used and sold in some of the “anti-aging” doctor’s offices around the country, but I have not read the clinical study papers yet so I’m not that confident on the benefits, or even sure if they are well established (and how they relate to actual aging and the aging process).