Spermidine improves antitumor immunity in mice

Preliminary studies have shown that spermidine levels decrease with aging and that giving organisms as diverse as yeast, worms, flies, and mice dietary supplements of spermidine can extend their lifespans and improve their cardiac, nervous system, liver, and immune function. Now researchers at Kyoto University in Japan have extended this body of knowledge by showing spermidine improves antitumor immunity in mice by activating CD8+ T cells and increasing mitochondrial function through upregulating fatty acid oxidation, which may be one of the ways it appears to contribute to longevity. We say “appears” deliberately because, as always, we have to ask when are we ever going to see the clinical proof with this supplement?

Spermidine activates mitochondrial trifunctional protein and improves antitumor immunity in mice


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It was Richard Miller that stated in the ITP that even if they fed the mice high doses of Spermidine in their diet for 6 months, no increase above baseline spermidine levels were seen in plasma or tissues - am I wrong? A bit confusing all in all, when looking at some other studies.


Yes… A big issue. Lots of uncertainty still around spermidine…

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Good news is that it appears to have no negative side effects. So worst case scenario you are just wasting money.


Yes - I think that is generally true.

Although I have not suggested spermidine for my elderly parents out of fear that they may have some unidentified latent cancers that could be promoted with spermidine (and other polyamines that are typically in natural spermidine supplements).

Because polyamines are indispensable for cell growth, increased polyamine availability enhances cell growth. However, the malignant potential of cancer is determined by its capability to invade to surrounding tissues and metastasize to distant organs. The mechanisms by which increased polyamine levels enhance the malignant potential of cancer cells and decrease anti-tumor immunity are reviewed.


I didn’t know that. I thought it was mostly to promote autophagy. If you have cancer or the potential to have it, then you should avoid spermidine. Thank you. I guess this is a supplement for the middle-aged.

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