Some Science is broken

We spend so much time here reading papers and talking about papers, having so much reverence for papers. Of course they are not perfect, but they’re all we have.

Sometimes it’s for sale, but this guy gives a very entertaining talk about it:



As was posted on Mar 29, 2022 at 12:06 PM;

The theory of ignorance by Professor Stuart Firestein.

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You have to look at every study as a small part of a much larger picture.
If you want to see the potential harm of a bad study, Google Dr Andrew Wakefield.


Thank you for this. On the other hand I have rarely felt so let down (by the subject of the video). But, better to have my eyes open. What a travesty!

I am going to redouble my efforts to optimize my lifestyle factors in order to minimize any reliance on chemicals and “superfoods” that have been promised (by scientists …per video) to make “significant” improvements in my health.

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The study was about immigration and support for government? They presume to be able to quantify that? I will not even read such a paper.

We will equate that with measuring LDL, and other biomarkers?

No wonder sociology and other behavioral disciplines are called the soft sciences.


You don’t understand. Because sociology is broken that means all science is broken (especially physics and medicine) except when it fits my agenda then it must be true!

What are your personal competences in both?