Sleeping in the cold - how do you make the cold not wake you up several times during the night?

Even when it does, I don’t feel less refreshed, but I still think something is going wrong

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A nice warm and cosy blanket

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Alex, you have such a low BMI (minimal body fat) that you probably need an extra blanket to stay warm at night. I’m assuming you’re talking about a cold room temperature (e.g. windows open at night), and not via use of a ChiliPad or similar.

I use a ChiliPAD but I have a much higher body fat % than you do, I suspect.

I’ve heard that wearing socks is helpful for not waking from feeling cold. I wear socks, and I’ve not woken up from feeling cold in years. I use an overhead fan, and I don’t wear a shirt (or only a thin shirt) to keep the body temp down.

Sleeping hotter, even a little bit, is very bad for my HRV.
Here is a plot of recent days on which I made temperature experiment.
The temperature variation is as given by the Oura in ºC. It goes from -0.3ºC to +0.5ºC so it’s not a huge variation but it’s enough to change the HRV a lot.
The trend is rather linear at approximatively -10HRV per ºC (as Oura measurements)


Is this the atmospheric / room temperature, or are you controlling the bed temperature via a ChiliPad or some other cooling system to manage bed temperature?

Played with the room temperature and a comforter. The interesting point is that it’s my body temperature as measured by Oura that is significant. For instance if I increase the room temp by 1ºC my body temp might only go up by 0.1ºC for instance, or for a same room temp my body temp might be different for some reason.
The correlation coefficient between my body temperature and HRV is -0.94. That’s a pretty good correlation.