Skin senescence: mechanisms and impact on whole-body aging

I looked at this paper and saw this comment which I found interesting. Has anyone tried this:

Senolytics, such as dasatinib and fisetin, are drugs that selectively eliminate senescent cells and are already topically administered to the skin, showing potential antiaging effects.

I recently used a topical made of DMSO and a combination of dasatinib, fisetin, procyanidin, and quercetin. I don’t know if I can report much apart from that I didn’t notice much negative effects (apart from the short term burning due to DMSO). I want to use such a topical once every couple weeks or so.

I also noticed this: Frontiers | Fisetin Promotes Hair Growth by Augmenting TERT Expression | Cell and Developmental Biology
I am also trying to combine dermarolling and this topical on my scalp at the same frequency.

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Very interesting - thanks.

Rather than the DMSO, I’d recommend you look into Transcutol - it is easy to work with, no side effects and helps absorption. See details here.

I never knew about this. Thanks, and I hope I can find this too.

I noticed quite a bit of improvement to the skin on my mid face. It appeared clearer and lifted. I noticed it a little after my 1st dose of D and Q but about 3 days after my 2nd dose my wife cornered me and asked me what I did to my face. She didn’t know I had experimented with the senolytics. She thought I had injected dermal fillers. I took 2.5 mg/kg of dasatinib and 20 mg/kg of Quercetin. I took 2 doses one week apart at these levels.

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Jared, was your 2.5 mg/kg of Dasatinib and 20 mg/kg of Quercetin an oral dose? Did you notice any side effects, or was it all positive?

Yes it was oral dosing. Yes I felt quite a bit of fatigue for about 12 hours. Next day I was fine.

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