Skin Rejuvenation: Helsinki-based Linio Biotech gets €4.2 million to commercialise its injectable tissue product

Linio Biotech’s innovation is an injectable tissue product called Tience® (from the words tissue science). The product is intended for professional use only and it helps skin naturally regenerate itself by accelerating the skin’s natural healing process.

Tience® treatment can be used to repair various skin defects, such as signs of aging or unwanted visible scars. The new funding will help Linio Biotech expand the availability of its Tience® product and treatments. Tience® was launched in Finland in June 2023 and is in the beginning of commercialization in other Nordic countries.

Linio Biotech was founded in 2017 as a spin-off from the University of Tampere by its founding partners Timo Ylikomi, professor of cell biology, and cell biologist and researcher Riina Uusmies. The Tience® products are manufactured in Tampere, Finland.

Tience is a breakthrough innovation that treats skin defects and reverses signs of aging. It is a ready-to-use injectable tissue product that helps skin naturally regenerate itself by accelerating the body’s own healing process. Tience treatments are for skin defects such as unwanted scars, fine lines and wrinkles in aging skin.

The Product:


Call me dubious, since there is very thin evidence on the websites above. I saw a citation for one paper on safety. The sites say there are published papers on the “core technology” but give no citations. The before and after skin pictures don’t have equal lighting.

When I looked at Timo Ylikomi publications, the only one that looked relevant was on wound healing, not necessarily skin aging, from 2022:

Adipose tissue as a source of growth factors to promote wound healing: a human study of skin graft donor sites

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I agree - skepticism is always warranted (especially in the cosmetic dermatology field)… Just posting to start the process of finding things about this process. Would like to see more papers on it…

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