Sitting all day increases dementia risk — even if you exercise (WaPo)

Time to get that standing desk, or if you’re like me, start using it more if you’ve already bought it :wink:

Sitting all day increases dementia risk — even if you exercise

The results underscore just how pervasive the consequences of sitting can be, and suggest that exercise by itself may not protect us

In news that we shouldn’t take sitting down, a study just published in JAMA finds that people who stay seated for long hours at work and home are at much higher risk of developing dementia than people who sit less.

The negative effects of extended sitting can be so strong, researchers found, that even people who exercise regularly face higher risk if they sit for much of the day.

The study, which involved 49,841 men and women aged 60 or older, “supports the idea that more time spent in sedentary behaviors increases one’s risk of dementia,” said Andrew Budson, a professor of neurology at Boston University and author of Seven Steps to Managing Your Aging Memory, who was not involved with the study.

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More anidotal info along these lines; We are in London and took a black taxi. The driver was of course a consumate conversationalist. We learned why original roads even before cars folks drove (rode) on the left. Per him; because of the military are as right handed as the population and swinging your sword you;d be forehand against your opponent on your right.

He mentioned that taxi drivers have very little dementia/Alzheimer’s. They drive without the aid of GPS/google maps anywere in London to anywhere and can rattle off the roads and turns. He said the unpaid apprenticeship (per him) you where tested with source / destination tests and you had to verbally give the roads and turns. Took him 2 yrs to pass and get his taxi license. His medical point is that dementia starts in the hippocampus where navigation occurs. He said post mortems on taxi drivers finds they have bigger brains in the hippocampus area (rear).

There you have it; antidotal coberation with needing to move (and navigate).

I can assure you when we rent the car at Heathrow I WILL be using my phones google maps!!! ;(

Its something to consider. Although someone said that crossword puzzels are not effective at keeping ones brain. The point was it needs to be real life challenges and hard problems all through life up to the end. No lazing about letting your brain go to mush. :slight_smile: Now add; navigate without google maps.


Thanks for your anecdotal stories. I have heard the same about London taxi drivers. That license test is insane!

How about playing Ping Pong? I read it is one of the best exercises for brains.

  • The physical demands of the game. Ping pong is a moderate-intensity aerobic activity that requires players to use their entire bodies. This type of exercise has been shown to improve blood flow to the brain and promote neurogenesis, which is the growth of new brain cells.
  • The cognitive demands of the game. Ping pong is a complex game that requires players to anticipate their opponent’s moves, make split-second decisions, and react quickly. This type of mental challenge can help to improve cognitive function and keep the brain active.
  • The social aspect of the game. Playing ping pong with others can be a fun and enjoyable way to socialize and interact with others. This social interaction can also have a positive impact on brain health.
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Its funny… as I was reading your story, I was waiting for the punchline that because these taxi drivers sat on their butts all day, so despite the navigation benefits, they still got dementia at a high rate. But, I guess that the navigation requirements more than made up for the lack of activity / sitting all day at least in terms of dementia risk.

But - I have to believe the rest of their bodies where not in great shape given all the sitting…

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I’ve never seen an obese London taxi driver. I’ve also never seen one eating/snacking.
Maybe it’s effectively intermittent fasting for them when putting in a shift.


“Sitting is the new smoking”

I have a clock in my head that doesn’t allow me to sit for long. After about 30 minutes I have to get up. In the morning I’ll make more tea. Then I have to use the bathroom a lot for more excuses to get up.