Sirtuin "Activator"

FYI I received this email from a compan today:
As you may remember, the SIRT6Activator clinical trial lasted way longer than we ever imagined, as the mice taking SIRT6Activator stayed alive and healthy for so long

Inflammatory cytokines are molecules that signal inflammation and are increased during aging and disease. Inflammation is the driver of aging “inflammaging theory”, hence, the ability of SIRT6Activator to slow down or reverse age-related increase in inflammation shows that SIRT6Activator reverses aging.

Mice that received the SIRT6Activator treatment experienced much less inflammation. SIRT6Activator reverses ageing.

After searching around on pubmed, I found that what they are referring to is seaweed polysaccharide fucoidan. While this may indeed reduce inflammation, however, I really doubt their claim that it can “reverse aging.”
As Matt Kaeberlein has pointed out in another context (Sinclair), nothing has been shown to reverse ageing.

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