Sirolimus Nanoparticles?

Has anyone on this forum tried/used;

"RapaPro™"branded/brand of rapamycin/sirolimus?

This is sold by “”

As the seller state’s in the AD copy “nanoparticles” and film coated tablets.

I think the company/seller is out of HK.

The red flag is bitcoin/wire transfer payment only. And no physical address posted/listed

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I wish there were empty capsules with different kinds of useful films that we could strategically use with generic medicine. Is there something like this?

I don’t recall ever seeing any posts from people who have successfully purchased from that “antiaging store”.

On the issue of empty capsules, there are people on the forum who buy rapamycin powder and have tested different capsules for enteric coating… not an approach I want to try, but here are the details: Rapamycin enteric coating vs powder bioavailability

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