Sirolimus blood testing

I’ve seen different recommendations for timing of a sirolimus blood test. One site suggested having the blood draw 12 hours after your weekly dose. Another recommendation was having the blood draw from 18-22 hours after your weekly dose.

My concern is that some of the generic brands of rapamycin/sirolimus are not well absorbed. One generic brand I know of is made by a generic drug company in India that is using the nano-sized particle technology. I think blood testing to insure adequate plasma levels is important.

Any thoughts on what is the best timing…? Ross

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I think Cmax is at around 2 hours. I checked at 1.5 I think because sometimes you sit in the waiting room for half an hour and it’s hard to predict.


I had a test about 90 minutes after consumption, based on Cmax estimates in a previous thread.

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Ross - we have a thread on the issue of timing and cost, etc. for sirolimus blood tests, see here: How to get a Rapamycin (sirolimus) Blood Level Test