Sirolimus and Detox with Nano Zeolite

Hello everyone. Do you have any idea or know any study showing contraindications of Nano Zeolite and drugs? According do the manufacturer(The ROOT Clean Slate), Nano zeolite will make supplements and drugs more bioavailable through cleaning the cells and cell walls. I worry if it affect the Rapamycin half life and make it clear out of the system more rapidly? P.S Negatively-charged zeolite works like a magnet, trapping positively-charged toxins such as lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, BPA and etc, though have no idea if it affects the drug metabolism.

Any answer would be appreciated.

Critical Review on Zeolite Clinoptilolite Safety and Medical Applications in vivo

I’ve never heard of Zeolites… here is some information on them:

I can’t see any obvious interaction with rapamycin. Perhaps don’t take the zeolite on the day you take the rapamycin?

I take it on and off. Probably had 3 or 4 bottles in the last 3 years since starting Rapa. It didn’t even occur to me that it might interfere in any way. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t. I’ve not noticed anything at all.

I don’t really know what the Nano refers to, I don’t think that was on my bottles. I read most of the study Joseph found (thanks), man, there is a lot to know about these things. It looks like we should have been feeding to our dairy goats. I need to find out if the vet supply is cheaper than the human supply, otherwise that would not pay.

When Covid hit, it came out that zeolite would bind to the spike protein and help eliminate it. Not wanting to cause controversy here with anybody that lives near DC. Maybe the spike protein is not real. I have no idea. I took it more often after this information came out and it was just out of an abundance of caution. I had also had my mercury fillings removed and thought it may help with that too. I could be crazy. I noticed absolutely nothing.


The more I read about this the more intriguing it is:

Lots of different kinds of zeolite. Natural of many kinds, also synthetic. I found several products for animals, mostly cattle,goats and chickens. It reminds me of the terra preta story, one of the most interesting stories in all agriculture.

The soils around the Amazon are very poor , highly oxidized since they are in such a hot place and cation exchange is terrible. Crops wouldn’t grow. So they found a place where people had used charcoal as a soil additive. It adds carbon to the soil and lives there for 1000’s of years. So the green people love this because it sequesters carbon and the carbon basically filters out pollutants while feeding the plants.

Iowa State had several teams working on biochar for years. They came up with several designs, wanting to convert cornstalks and other ag waste into biochar. When mixed with fertilizer it is great at keeping it from leaching into the water supply. They got everything but profit out of it and as far as I know the project finally died.

Yet the soils in the Amazon that were treated like this live.