Sinclair being exposed again

@mkaeberlein love this:


Sinclair is looking more and more sketchy by the moment. Will be interesting to see if he actually tries to rebut this (so far he’s just dodging, as Stanfield’s short new video from today shows:


Apart from the sketchiness reg. overhyping resveratrol, NAD, etc. I also find his personal anti-aging regimens very weird, and different from what I would personally follow.
Nothing based on ITP results for example: The Anti-Aging Supplements David Sinclair Takes | Skeptical Review

It’d be perfectly fine to be transparent about the failure of SIRT related experiments (designing good experiments is hard) and still talk about why it may still be worth pursuing based on any theoretical merits. But he never does that.


Charles brenner has a good thread about why/how david is wrong. He has been debunking a lot of what David has been saying for a long time now

Just scroll through his twitter page and you will see a good amount of threads about david being wrong with his claims .

Here is the link to his most recent one:

I like Brenner’s contrarian view on anti aging, although I think he is completely wrong about rapamycin and some other things. I find him a good source and have talked to him too. He is a good scientist