Side Effects of Rapamycin (part 2)

Today after taking 20mg of rapamycin… 2.5 hours after GFJ and breakfast… hoping to see a better result for my 24hr blood test. Today in the pool I feel tired… maybe I have been slack but my arms were unusually heavier and fatigue. Anyway, it is winter and I wanted to stay in the heated pool. So how many days do we stop exercising after taking rapamycin? I am thinking of switching to a dinner time dosing but it will screw up my lab data which I cannot do at night for 24 or 48 hours. Unless I start collecting 36 hours or 40 hours data. If I have my rapamycin say at 9pm which should be 3 hours after dinner… my 36 hour test will be at 9am the day after tomorrow. Any suggestions based on your experiences?

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Wow - thats a really high dose. So you’re saying 20mg of actual rapamycin/sirolimus, plus GFJ, so an effective dose of over 60mg+ of rapamycin.

Please let us know the test results.


Likely Siroboon…see his post here:

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But he’s encapsulated the Siroboon now, so it’s a really high dose.


Hmmm, so without encapsulating, Siroboon is one tenth the potency of Rapacan? But encapsulating makes it the same?

Wouldn’t 16 mg of Rapacan with GFJ likely give you an even higher blood level?

My next batch will be Biocon and I’ll compare the data after.

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