Should we take Rapa the same week as senolytics?

Seems Dr Green holds off on those weeks if I remember. I currently use LEFs Senolytic activator, once a month 2-3 days in a row

I’ve stopped taking senolytics and I’m letting Rapa do that job.


Senomorphics like Rapa and Taurine reduce senescent load much more than senolytics.


This is a theoretic area, but personally, I don’t take Quercetin or Fisetin but do take Rapamycin and Taurine.
Instead of regular or cycled Fisetin or Quercetin, taking Q3 months potent senolytics with no Mtor inhibition before or shortly after has been my personal approach.
Using Dasatinib and Fisetin for 3 days seems to have solid safety profile and likely efficacy, including in human trials.
I wait 10 days post last rapamycin to dose and don’t take next Rapamycin 10 days after.
Have no evidence for this approach, just logic of not mixing multiple pathways that could lead to unknown effects simultaneously.
This is just my personal approach, not medical advice.
Are others taking a similar approach?


Quercetin is one of my basic HDAC inhibitors that I take every day. Fisetin is in my second quartet of HDAC inhibitors that I take when doing more than the basic.

At the moment I am experimenting on the acetyl-CoA pathway. I held back on AMPK and ATP acceleration because my BP and RHR went up. These have now calmed down so I have prepared some packages of AMPK ATP and HDAC inhibition.

I have also added some Molybdenum and would like to do a blood test to see if there is any noticeable impact from this before going back on the AMPK/ATP/HDAC bandwagon.

My next Rapamycin dose is scheduled for 12th March.