Should I stop taking rapamycin while I have covid?

My co-worker came to work sick a few days ago, now I’m sick with covid confirmed from covid test. (sore/dry throat, chills,fever, aching muscles. sweating & feel warm to touch.

Would taking rapamycin make me heal slower? my last dose was 10mg of rapamycin was 11th of this month, so 10 days ago.


One of the rapamycin side effects is upper respiratory tract infection, in this paper, Sirolimus increased the viral copies on day 10 post-infection, so I think it’s better wait for complete heal from flu virus.


that study is not really applicable are the mice were treated continuously for four weeks which would also suppress mtorc2 but still better safe than sorry skipping 1 dose won’t really make a difference for longevity


edit:. not flu! i have a covid. Tested positive on 2 tests. any 1 know about rapamycin and covid?

going to rest and skip my rapamycin dose until my covid test comes back negative. Just to be safe.


fortunately covid is much milder than influenza for the young especially the current strains

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