Should I stop Rapamycin for a while Due to Lung Nodule?

I had flu like symptoms about 8 weeks ago about 2 weeks ago I had strep throat. All during this time I have had this reoccurring cough that won’t go away. My Primary Care Doc ordered an xray of the lungs and the report was “a questionable 8 mm noncalcified pulmonary nodule in right mid lung field.” This nodule was not there one year ago and labs ruled out valley fever (given I live in phoenix). The radiologist recommended CT scan for further evaluation.

I have a CT scan set for this coming week, then a pulmonologist visit in a few weeks.

I’m on 24 mg of Rapamycin every two weeks. Wonder if I should stop taking Rapamycin until I get this resolved/figured out?

Any input would be appreciated.