Should Blood Tests be done before or after routine office visit?

Method 1. In the past, after my consultation with my PCP he would place a future order for my next lab tests. The results of those tests would become an integral part of my next quarterly follow up. Therefore, 2 weeks prior to my next appointment I would have the blood drawn at a nearby LabCorps and both physician and I would have the opportunity to review the results in advance of my visit.

Method 2. Other physicians have an in-house lab facility or phlebotomist and order the tests at the time of our consultation, to be drawn immediately following our visit. Therefore neither I nor the doctor see the results until a week later, and medical advice is then sent later to the patient via patient portal.

As someone who looks at my lab results and has my own biomarker targets, I greatly prefer the 1st method and the opportunity to discuss them.

I was wondering what the experience of others has been, and their preference

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I prefer a thorough blood test about a week before my consult with my GP. When we meet we discuss the blood test results.