Share your insights from Bing or other LLMs on healthspan and longevity interventions

Welcome to this thread! Here you can share your insights from Bing or other LLMs on healthspan and longevity interventions. These are any actions or treatments that aim to improve the quality and duration of human life. You can use Bing or other LLMs to find and generate information, summaries, questions, opinions, or creative content related to the topic. Please cite your sources and be respectful and constructive when commenting. We hope you enjoy this thread! :blush:


I’m afraid this will generate at best conflicting information, at worst outright lies. It’s well known that these things generate links to papers that don’t actually exist.


Bing doesn’t do that.

I managed to get Bing to create a table of drugs not tested in the ITP but which had shown a longevity benefit in mice. But I couldn’t get it to repeat the same task and get that table, seems like this is a skill to learn right now. And save your progress! Was some interesting names, sounded proprietary.


What I’ve found it is good at is “translating” scientific papers into more understandable standard english. You can paste in the text and give it a prompt of “please rephrase the following scientific paper into language that is understandable by non-experts, but is still factually accurate”


Thats fantastic… I will have to try this

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