Sexual Health Heathspan options

With @RapAdmin recent post on Rapamycin improving erections Rapamycin Improves Erections - #2 by RapAdmin it brings up the sensitive subject of Sexual Health. As a physician that deals with sexual health issues daily, I am surprised by the lack of knowledge regarding options in the medical profession and the non medical world. I thought I would compile a list of a list of treatment options that may help improve Sexual Health directly (Viagra) or through improving Longevity / Healthspan. It would be great if anyone can add or comment on the the list based on studies or even subjective data. Sexual health is Health, so the healthy you are the more supportive you are with your sexual health. ISSM (International Society of Sexual Medicine) can be a good resource for both physicians and patients.

PD5-inhibitors (Viagra/ Cialis)
Testosterone / DHEA
Shock Wave/ Mona Lisa/ Femilift procedures
PRP injections
PT-141 / Vylessi / Melanotan/ GHRH (peptides)

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I don’t know what most of those treatments are but I totally agree with your position on sexual health. Poor sexual health can also be a harbinger of poor health in other areas as well.