Service to save and plot test results over time?

I have 10 years of history of various test results, done in different countries and often using different names and units for the same thing. I’d like to have everything in one place, converted to the same unit, and with the ability to plot over time whatever metric I want. Is there a service offering this? (I’ve already done the data entry job: I put everything in an Excel file, but I still need to convert + disambiguate the synonyms + create the plot function).


@alex_biohacking may be able to help with this.

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You could make a very nice dashboard to graph everything and calculate summary statistics for various biomarkers using python plotly package and some prompting in chatGPT to write the data import and visualization script.

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Yes, I could do that. But ideally, I don’t want to manually convert units. For instance, I have Hb A1c in % or in mmol/mol. It would be amazing to have a service where there’s a pre-defined list of variables. I choose one, and then I can enter the value and the unit, and it takes care of the conversion to correctly plot trends. (I could maybe ask ChatGPT to do this data cleaning and standardization step for me, but I would be weary of errors, I had the issue when I tried in the past, but it was probably ChatGPT 3.5)

I think we’ve had conversations here in this forum about this, and people are using ChatGPT for this type of thing. Obviously, designing the “prompt” that works well for your data may be a lot of work… and it will depend on the formats, etc. of all the different documents, etc. but perhaps worth a try…

hi, is the website im working on.

I have added suggestions from others with the information they provided.

it will already record your results either to a database if you place them in then leave them.

it will leave them there for local or session storage (until you close and reopen your browser) and you can then print your values to pdf

also if you have any suggestions for anything with he functionality or display please give me a heads-up or send a message through the website. :slight_smile:

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You could write a helper python file that handles all unit conversions but in reality the trends over time are the most important and the actual unit scale is sort of irrelevant unless you want to compare lab values from US to any other country. Mean +/- 1 or 2 SD trend lines and acceptable reference range for each bio marker are probably the most important thing. Look at westgard rules which are often used for flagging values in clinical labs. Wish there was a big csv of optimal ranges for all important biomarkers that we could use as a community.

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Amazing, I’ll have a look!

That’s exactly my problem: I have test results from France, the UK and Turkey, in different languages, using different units for the same thing.

all add in an option to see all possible biomarkers and input any values, then ill put in a search so you can quickly find the value you want to put in.

After that, ill use the system I’ve set up before to read pdf’s turn it into text, put it through Open AI and then have the fields automatically filled in with what the gpt thing assumes to be the correct fields.

But that will only be for people that signed in to the website

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Is working on something like that, but not sure how comprehensively it can handle things yet

Also thing SiPhox Health is building some capabilities like that and also Iollo

The latter two are startup that you might be able to work with at do it as test pilot case with if you contact one of their founders.

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I was just about to suggest Inside Tracker. I have the Blood Results subscription. It costs $100 - $150 a year depending on the promo when you buy it. So far I’m liking it to help find the areas I need to focus. They also use custom ranges that are different than the lab ones, more tuned to things like Longevity.

Excel is also a good option to track data like this.

Anyone try SelfDecode?

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