Serum Sodium Levels & Biological Age

Pretty good article here about a big study on hydration/serum sodium levels and how they correspond to health/likelihood of early death:

From the article:

“people with levels above 144 mEq/L had a 50% higher risk of being biologically older and a 21% higher risk of dying early. Adults with serum sodium levels between 138 and 140 mEq/L, on the other hand, had the lowest risk of developing chronic disease.”

I’m assuming that this is the serum sodium part of my last blood test, which is great if it is:

Honestly though, I really don’t drink a whole lot of water every day. Two or three glasses of water, couple black coffees, a few Gatorade Zeros and that’s it. Not sure what to make of this.


So why is/isn’t it in or phenoage yet?


I confess I haven’t read the paper yet but could sodium levels be intertwined with kidney health somehow?
On a related note, I do recall separately that apparently there is a correlation between plasma sodium, potassium and lifespan. Higher sodium is correlated with shorter LS, while the inverse holds for potassium. But now we’re probably getting into the realms of Na/K ion channels and cardiac health…