Sermorelin with rapamycin

I have been using sermorelin for about 1 1/2 years. I just began my rapamycin induction 2 weeks ago with a 2mg, then 4mg dose. I feel that these two medications would be complementary, but I have not been able to find any information regarding the combination. Would appreciate any info. Thank you


What/why do you think “sermorelin” is beneficial with or without rapamycin for longevity?

Why do you take sermorelin?

I’m taking the sermorelin for overall wellness, fitness, sleep, energy, and exercise recovery. I do not believe it contributes to longevity, but definitely to fitness, wellness and to healthspan. I believe that these two medications would be complementary.

I began during recovery from a bad orthopedic injury 3 yrs ago requiring 18 surgeries and bone grafting. It was suggested to facilitate the bone graft, and I am now fused. I continue as I feel good, and have recovered, sleep well and am able to participate in high level athletics again at 58yo.


I’ve been taking MK677 (Ibutamoren) with rapamycin periodically. The theory being that rapamycin will counteract the pro-aging effects of growth hormone. But there’s little evidence of that, and you need to be careful with glucose control – the agents might synergise the wrong way. Overall I think that the ghrelin analogues are probably safer than the GHRP analogues – ghrelin itself has pro-longevity properties.

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Interesting, I was not familiar with this compound. How is it going for you? What have been your perceived or measured results?

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Hard to say. Unfortunately I can’t afford a CGM or super-regular blood tests, so I’m perhaps irresponsibly under-instrumented. Subjectively I’ve had a slow but marked improvement in my health, but that’s coming after making several changes at once out of desperation. As for acute effects, all I can say for sure is occasional but unpredictable hunger and craving high calorie foods.

MK677 is modestly popular in the bodybuilding/PED circle. You can find a few reports of blood sugar problems on their forums, consistent with the clinical trials where it rose over months at higher doses. I’ve run 15mg 3 times a week, 1 month out of 3, for a year, more or less. This is out of caution – I assume the optimum is either none (it’s a bad idea) or higher.

Of note, a recent report suggests that such compounds do extend the life of mice, so long as they aren’t allowed to increase food consumption.


I take 1ml of MK677 daily for GH support. I do strength training 3 times a week. It definitely helps with muscle building.

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