Senomorphics Vs Senolytics (Timing)

We all know that Rapamycin and Taurine are potent senomorphics that prevent the formation of senescent cells. We also know that Dasatanib + Quercetin (and possibly Rapamycin + Resveratrol) are potent senolytics. I wanted to share what I have noticed regarding the timing of both.

From my experience, it seems like it takes a few days for Rapamycin to fully exert its senomorphic and autophagic properties, so from my experience, it seems that you may not want to take senolytics too closely to senomorphics so you give the senomorphics time to fully utilize their autophagic benefits. In essence, don’t kill off the cells until they have a chance to rejuvenate themselves through autophagy.

Therefore, my hypothesis is to wait to do any senolytic treatment until a couple of days before taking a dose of Rapamycin. Thoughts?