Senolytics to clear senescent cells

Has anyone been using the dasatanib+quercetin+fisetin combination to remove senescent cells? What dosing and schedules have you been using? Have you found an economical supplier of D? Even in India it is around $1600 for 60 tabs. Here is an interesting overview: Senolytic therapies for healthy longevity - PubMed

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Have you checked the Antiaging store?

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My personal experience in dasatanib
Background, I have took quercetin 1500mg several times alone , and everything was fine, so I thought it’s time to try 50mg dasatanib (1mg/ body kg) + 500mg quercetin
In the beginning, nothing happened in the first 10 hours, but at the night, I suddently felt dizzy, and almost lost my balance.

The dizzy feeling was so strong, that I couldn’t stand or sit, I must lie on the bed.
But even on the bed, the dizzy persisted, I couldn’t do anything but sleep, but the sleeping was restless, I woke up 9, 10 times thinking there was earthquakes (but no earthquake), that was a terrible night

Next day morning, the dizzy disappeared, but came with a strong headache, the headache was so intense that I doubted I had brain hemorrhage, I toke acetaminophen, but it didn’t work.

Due to this terrible personal experience, I will not use dasatanib again


This firm has supplied dasatinib Sixty 50ml tabs for about $100.

J. S Pharmaceuticals
Jasdeep Singh Chawla
15/15, Old Rajinder Nagar
Delhi- 110060, India

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That’s terrible, and understable why you stopped. Out of curiosity, what was the source of the medication?

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There was a bit of a discussion related to this here:

I bought from
I also bought rapamycin from this indiaMart vendor, and worked fine however

The cost information:

  • Rapamycin 1 mg (Manufacturer: Zydus), 6 tablets, total 6.80 USD, about 1.133 dollar/mg
  • Dasatanib 50 mg (Dasanat), 60 tablets, total 42 USD, about 0.014 dollar/mg
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