Senolytic Therapy Using Chimeric Antigen Receptor Cells

"‘If we give it to aged mice, they rejuvenate. If we give it to young mice, they age slower. No other therapy right now can do this." — Dr.
Corina Amor Vegas

Amor, C., Fernández-Maestre, I., Chowdhury, S. et al. Prophylactic and long-lasting efficacy of senolytic CAR T cells against age-related metabolic dysfunction. Nat Aging (2024). PMID: 37841853; PMCID: PMC10571605.

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Treatment with anti uPAR CAR T cells ameliorates metabolic dysfunction by improving glucose tolerance and exercise capacity in physiological aging as well as in a model of metabolic syndrome. Importantly, a single administration of a low dose of these senolytic CAR T cells is sufficient to achieve long-term therapeutic and preventive effects.

Interesting stuff.

I think I’ve heard that cancer treatment with CAR T cells is extremely expensive (typically used in Cancer treatment right now).

Checked out the paper… thats the longest “conflicts of interest” statement I’ve ever seen…

Conflict of interest statement

Competing Interests C.A., J.F., M.S. and S.W.L. are listed as the inventors of several patent applications (62/800,188; 63/174,277; 63/209,941; 63/209,940; 63/209,915; 63/209,924; 17/426,728; 3,128,368; 20748891.7; 2020216486) related to senolytic CAR T cells. C.A., M.S. and S.W.L. are advisors for Fate Therapeutics. S.W.L. also has provided consultancy for and had equity in Oric Pharmaceuticals, Blueprint Medicines, Mirimus Inc, Senecea Therapeutics, Faeth Therapeutics, and PMV Pharmaceuticals. D.A.T. is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board and receives stock options from Leap Therapeutics, Dunad Therapeutics, Cygnal Therapeutics and Mestag Therapeutics outside the submitted work. D.A.T. is scientific co-founder of Mestag Therapeutics. D.A.T. has received research grant support from Fibrogen, Mestag, and ONO Therapeutics. D.A.T. receives grant funding from the Lustgarten Foundation, the NIH, and the Thompson Foundation. None of this work is related to the publication. No other disclosures were reported. R.L.L. is on the supervisory board of Qiagen and is a scientific advisor to Imago, Mission Bio, Zentalis, Ajax, Auron, Prelude, C4 Therapeutics and Isoplexis. R.L.L. receives research support from Ajax, Zentalis and Abbvie and has consulted for Incyte, Janssen and Astra Zeneca and has received honoraria from Astra Zeneca for invited lectures. L.W.J owns stock in Pacyclex, Inc., and Illuminosonics, Inc. M.S. holds other unrelated patents on CAR technologies. S.W.L is an advisor for and has equity in the following biotechnology companies: ORIC Pharmaceuticals, Faeth Therapeutics, Blueprint Medicines, Geras Bio, Mirimus Inc., PMV Pharmaceuticals and Constellation Pharmaceuticals.

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