Senolytic properties of Grapseed extract (due to PCC1), Ginger (due to gingerone A), and piperlongumine. Any experiences? What's a good dose?

So in the last few months, the following publications have come out which have not only highlighted the senolytic properties of Grapseed extract and ginger extract, but also talked about a safety profile that is apparently superior to Dasatinib + Quercetin (D+Q).

And previously piperlongumine extract had also been identified as a potential senolytic acting on different targets than D+Q.

I’m however having trouble finding the optimal senolytic dosage ranges for each of these. Has anyone here tried it? How much do you usually take/ how high have you gone with it?

I experimented by consuming almost 30g of ginger root powder today. Luckily no major side effects.


30g one shot?

I take 1g/day, along with a bunch of other anti-inflammatory supplements, typically as prescribed, nothing crazy dose. No way I can tease out any individual agent impact. The only direct inflammation marker I track, hsCRP, is near zero.

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Same here, hsCRP near zero and I just have a sprinkle of Tumeric/Ginger/Piperine 5 days a week.

Mac - what supplements, I’m curious? And how much?

This is my current stack, yellow highlight what I consider “anti-inflammatory”

But if you want to see someone who is light years ahead into all things longevity (serious science) and supplements, check out Vince Giuliano’s anti-aging site. You could get lost in this museum…

Btw he’s 93, independently functional and super cognitive, still blogging.

Here’s his stack! It would take me all day just to consume.



If you are interested in anti-inflammatories, you might want to consider Boswellia Serrata, AKA frankincense. I personally think anti-inflammatories are more important in anti-aging than anti-oxidants. I took Boswellia for knee pain and it was surprisingly effective.

“Boswellic acid is the active ingredient in Boswellia serrata; it has shown significant pharmacological activity in the treatment of inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, chronic bronchitis, asthma and chronic inflammatory bowel diseases (ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease)”

Boswellia Serrata, A Potential Antiinflammatory Agent: An Overview - PMC.


Thank you for the suggestion. Any other “high conviction” anti-inflammatory agents you take?

Wow that’s a lot! I bet its expensive too

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None exclusively for their anti-inflammatory properties, but I do take vitamin D, C, and fish oil all of which have some anti-inflammatory properties. There is only one supplement other than rapamycin that I treat as medicine and never miss a dose and that is lithium orotate at 15mg of available lithium.
It has been life-changing for me and also has life-extension benefits.

Desertshores, can you please elaborate on the “life-changing” effects you have experienced from lithium orotate? I’m currently taking a much smaller dose than you (totaling ~ 1 mg lithium per day) and haven’t noticed any effects.

It has made me a much mellower person, far less prone to mood swings. It has definitely made me more sociable. Petty things that used to bother me don’t anymore. It took about three months at 20 mg to be noticeable. I have cut back to 15 mg and will probably cut back to 10mg as a maintenance dose.
How do you get a dose of 1mg? Is it a prescription? All of the major suppliers of lithium orotate on Amazon supply ~5mg of elemental lithium per tablet. Many believe lithium orotate is a much safer way to take lithium than the prescription forms.

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Thanks Desertshores. I use lithium orotate (5mg elemental lithium per capsule). I open the capsule and sprinkle about 1/5 of it into my water each day.

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HOLEY C*** I’ve been looking for Vince G/s stack!!! I take his/their liposomal anti inflamatory liquid;

synergy gold;

Tnx for your and Vince’s stack!! Great sharing. I see I’m not the only one with really expensive pee. :slight_smile: :-\ My wife, ND all give me hell. I don’t fully tell anyone re rapa/senolytic stack that is beyond comprehension of non hackers.

But both of them have a point I can’t argue; all this stuff taken at the same time surely, SURELY has interactions! And and some may not be best at the time of day or in the right dose; too much or not enough. This i the wild west and we are experimenting N=1 and poor tracking of data. Good thing for this an a few other anti aging websites BUT what if there was a site with a data base of blood test results, your doses etc, that could be used for meta data for just us on the edge types? Free, we’d do the data entry…

Best to all. Curt

Puts my stack to shame.

I looked at his product, but looking at ingredients, I take everything in it (except Boswelia) at way higher doses. It’s claimed to be a liposomal formulation with “optimized bioavailability”, but when I asked for supporting data for this claim, Vince said he had no data to support.

Inflammation is a key aging mediator, so trying to help blunt that pathway, amongst other interventions.

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I have a similar stack.

On Boswellia as a side note I credit that and Turmeric for getting my taste back after covid. Had no taste for 18 months. Read some case reports recommending the ‘bark of frankincense’ and turmeric and sure enough I could taste my Christmas dinner!
Not sure of the mechanism but have continued the Boswellia.

Have added a) Pomegranate extract due to the fuss around Urolithin A but might try the expensive Miropure which is more concentrated; and b) grape seed extract due to the recent +ve noise about longevity in animal models.

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Life extension makes a 1 mg (1000 mcg) capsule

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