Senescent cells damage the body throughout life

1 Like Consortium to map senescent cells and their effect on aging and human health.

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You know, there are some credible scientists who are skeptical of senescence… I’m not saying I believe them, but definitely pay attention

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Borage oil and evening primrose oil may be tried, in lieu of fisetin.

They may help against memory loss.

Gamma-linolenic acid ameliorated glycation-induced memory impairment in rats

A small dose is best.

Results: Our data showed that GLA inhibited the production of AGEs (IC50 = 1.12 ± 0.05 μM). However, this effect was more significant at lower tested doses. A similar pattern was also observed in in vivo experiments, where the effect of fructose was reversed by GLA only at lowest tested dose of 1 mg/kg. The HbA1c levels also revealed significant reduction at lower doses (1 and 5 mg/kg).”

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Yes - the studies still haven’t shown any lifespan benefit, just healthspan benefit. So even best-case right now, I feel the results are limited.