Selling my rapa (Sweden)

I get pretty bad acne on just 3mg / week so if anyone in Sweden is interested, send me a DM.

75 x 1 mg, Pfizer Rapamune
Bought with EU prescription from a Swedish pharmacy.

Were you taking 3mg per day (every day) or per week (once a week)?

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Per week sorry, not per day

I would try 2 mg/wk (and then 1 mg/week if that doesn’t work) before giving up.

I took my first dose of 4 mg/week two weeks ago and I got one one on my philtrum, couldn’t see it but could feel it, and one on the back of my neck.

The following week I took 2 mg. No problem!

I weigh 46 kg and I will be 60 years old this week.

I haven’t had oily skin in decades but in youth I was extremely oily and almost always had problems on my chin, and still have problems on my chin if I try to use creams or serums that are heavy. I have found some success with Dr. G. Red Blemish Clear Soothing Cream. It’s a very lightweight gel that has some isolated Cica compounds. They are anti-inflammatory. I also use tretinoin or tazarotene gel 4-5 times a week.


I never had acne outbreak with Rapa, even when I was on 1 mg/day for years. Rapa is known though for promoting acne on scalp. If you take a break for a 2-3 months your acne would clear. After that I would go slowly, taking into consideration your young age (1mg/week or 10 days and eventually increasing to 2mg). 3mg/week is apparently too high for you or 1 week break is too short.

@Victoria24, initial reactions are often transitory. I agree with @arugula about going down and seeing how it goes, then going up slowly.

I have fewer side effects now on 4mg/week than I had when I started at 1mg/week.

Many people find their bodies get accustomed, side effects change, and it gets easier, even at higher doses.

My recommendation: before you give up, try 1mg a week, and see how it goes. Then go up slowly, if you want to.


Wish I saw this before putting in my order… did you try with a lower dose?

Yes I have gone as low as 1mg.

That’s your body purging itself. It’ll get better eventually at least that’s my experience where places on my body where I had suspected I had foreign body reactions developed into full blown pustules and never returned. @DeStrider might have other experiences though…

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And still ni luck? I’ll get back to youtube if my order for some reason don’t reach its final destination… or if I rrun in to someone who want “Swedish pharmacy grade” :blush: of you’re still looking for a buyer…?

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No luck… they are collecting dust!

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I’m in Sweden and would definitively be interested. How many do you got?