Selenium and Coenzyme Q10 Intervention Prevents Telomere Attrition - Clinical Trial


Very interesting. Multiple studies reveal an association between long telomeres and a reduced incidence of cardiovascular deaths. I’m glad to see no increase in cancer mortality.
Remember that selenium in prostate cancer seems U shaped.

Any thoughts about this study?

My approach for quite a while has been to try to keep IGF1-levels lowish by not overeating and trying to keep methionine intake on the lower end of the spectrum. (Which meant I didn’t eat dairy products, eggs or meat.) In blood tests I took prior to starting Rapa indeed my IGF1 serum levels were lowish and since my weight had dropped and remained low for years on this diet, albeit I don’t count calories, I have assumed I’m doing mild caloric restriction.
I’m not sure what to make out of this study. I was actually searching for a study that I saw years ago that I unfortunately currently can’t find. It suggested that supplemental selenium may diminish some of the positive health effects caloric restriction brings about - but I can’t find it. It was reason for me at the time to stop taking 200mcg of selenium every day.

(I suffered a lasting Brazil nut addiction during my lengthy travels that gave me access to the most crisp, fresh, delicious Brazil nuts. My Selenium levels must have been through the roof.)