Seeking medical supervision with Rapamycin in Northern CA

Does anyone have doctors to suggest in Northern California who have experience with Rapamycin for aging and health span ?

Strange as it may seem, there is very little medical coverage in NorCal for rapamycin. I searched a few years ago without luck. Now we have pulled together this list of doctors, but I’ve not heard of any in Northern California yet. Rapamycin Prescription, Doctors that Prescribe It

I saw a presentation at this week’s ARDD conference by Jordan Shlain, MD who is based locally in the Silicon Valley, and he sounded familiar with rapamycin and mentioned it as something he gets a lot of questions about, but I’m unsure if he actually prescribes it. Here is his linked in page:

He seems to run a high-end medical clinic and he says the have an office in “the Silicon Valley” - which I assume means Palo Alto, or Menlo Park, etc.

Details here:

Perhaps someone else has heard of someone in NorCal that prescribes rapamycin. We get this question a lot, and given that the area is the focal point of the longevity biotech world, you’d think we’d have more doctors supporting the field.

Thank you for your prompt reply. Much appreciated.

Dr Brad Rosen

Here is a Dr I spoke with but didn’t use (a timing issue only). He is in LA I think but does telemedicine across USA. He was a guest on Path of Longevity podcast with Robert Lufkin MD.


Yes - Brad seems like a good guy. I met him at the Longevity Summit at the Buck Institute last December. And I’d definitely recommend him if the LA location isn’t an issue.


Dr. Denise Hilliard, MD is an internist who practices in Walnut Creek and prescribes Rapamycin. Her contact info is:

110 La Casa Via #205,
Walnut Creek, CA 94598
(925) 837-1044